Say "undefined symbol" before variable value

Hi all,

i am a new in this website, and i try make a new project skill in spanish,

i using set variables in flow, but, when i can test it, alexa say:

“undefined symbol” + variable value

i think if possible say it this icon “{”.

how i can fix to not say: “undefined symbol” before variable value?


Hi @CriXo! Can you give us more details on the issue here? Looks like your using a code block to set the variable. If it’s the case, do not use {} for variables in Javascript.

hi, i maked:

1 - speak block, with text: “hello”
1 - set block, with: set variable: “personaje1” with expression: “juan”
1 - speak block with text: hello {personaje1}

test it, and say it:

hello, hello undefined symbol juan

How do I mute undefined symbol ??

thanks for support

hi @CriXo, change Expression to Value in the set block.

Works, thanks @nicolas