Scheduled Reminders are not working

I’m trying to build an Alexa skill that will remind me before any event starts in my calendar. But I found a bug that is causing a problem. When trying to set a reminder on a fixed date at a fixed time, Alexa simply won’t create a reminder.

When creating a reminder after a certain amount of time (“timer reminder”) she will gladly remind me (which is, as you can tell, not quite useful) but when I set a date and a time, it simply won’t proceed.

I set two different “speak” blocks after the reminder block - one “reminder created” and the other “no access” to check what is wrong. When the skill was evoked, she told “no access” (and didn’t create any reminder) but as I had already given the permission, she should have told “reminder created” (and ACTUALLY should have created the reminder)

I tried the same flow, only changing from “scheduled” to “timer” in the reminder block. She successfully created the reminder and told “reminder created”.

In short, after giving reminder permission in the skill’s settings, alexa proceeds as follows:
if reminder set as “timer”: blocks after “success”
if reminder set as “scheduled”: blocks after “no access”
While in both cases, it should only follow the blocks after “success” as the access is already given.

Please look into it.

I just tested and it works. Although in this sample, date is fixed and ask users only time.

How do you set scheduled reminder in remider block?

I fetch event name, start date and time to my Google sheet, divide the time into hours and minutes and put those values for the reminder’s time through variable - just like you did here but putting date as a variable, too. I have put the dates and times as required - mm/dd/yyyy but don’t know what’s wrong.

I guess it’s more of a flow problem than the reminder block one because even when I set everything - date, hour, minute - as some constant value, it isn’t showing up in my alexa reminders.

I just tested with variables in date field and it does not work. It seems date field for scheduled reminder does not accept variables. I reported this and they will fix in future (but I am not sure when). the current workaround is to use Reminder API.

In this workaround, you should:

Voiceflow has a demo for Alexa Reminder API. This will be your help.

Now this bug has been fixed!

seems you can set like this:

  1. If year, month and day are in each variable, you can set like “{day} / {month} / {year}”. You should be careful about
  • put a single space before/after each variable.
  • The order is tricky.
  1. Or If you use AMAZON.Date type slot, you can just put it into date field. However, AMAZON.Date slot type has various formats other than YYYY-MM-DD. I tried “Next month”, it goes “2020-10-01”. You should test other formats and check how reminder is set for those.