Search Sheet from Specific Row On

I am comfortable with all the aspects of the sheets integration shown on the site and articles from the web but I’m having trouble finding a way to continue a previous search for another match that occurs further down the sheet.

Does anyone have an idea?

Thank you!!

you mean you have more than 2 records to retrieve on a single condition, right? IMO, built-in google sheets integration does not support this and when in that case, you can get only one record.

use custom api integration and code block, you can get how many records you can retrieve in condition and get each record using loop, although it might be very programatic way.

Thank you so much! This is a good suggestion. I ended up just copying the sheet to start, then finding the row, setting a second integration block that writes the line to a new sheet, then an integration block deleting the original row from the sheet, then re-searching the sheet for the same query. Seems to be working and I’m able to use tabs within the sheet to creat iterations of the search. Boom!