Send SMS using API Block


The idea of our project will be to send an activation SMS to an Alarm device, but you can use the SMS for endless other applications.

To ensure that the tutorial is not too long, we will not create all project but only the activation block and the verify block.

The first one is an API block and the second one is a Speak block.

For SMS I using a Nexmo service that for the “Getting start” phase give you 2€ free.


You have to create a new account and after to go in SMS/Getting started where you have to define :

  • · From
  • · To
  • · Message

At this point in the cURL tab, you can find the information to use in VoiceFlow, the URL and five params (from, text, to, api_key, api_secret).
The next picture shown the Nexmo enviroment.


Now we can start to build our project.

We insert an Integration Block and choose “Custom API”. We have to set how shown in the picture. We insert in Get the URL take in Nexmo and after we set the five params (from, text, to, api_key, api_secret).

Now we can try the block with Test Request and we get a response like that shown in the next picture.

Now we can go to take the responses how shown in the next picture. We have to define the variables to store the info to use. In my form: Quanti, Conto, Data_invio.

In the tab Transform into Variables we have to associate our variables to value that we get from response how shown in the next picture.

We have finished and now we can use the info from the execution of API in the Speak block like shown in next picture.


I hope that these two blocks can help your fantasy in order to build wonderful VoiceFlows

Too bad it cannot be published on the amazon skill store in Italy. I developed my own version of this kind of skill, but there is no way to get it published by amazon. They say the skill might be used to contact Emergency services, fire del. And police.

Thanks for sharing !