sendEvent returns "No Content"

Do we have an example of a fully working “sendEvent”.
I couldn’t make it work…This is my code. Can provide more information if required.

“onPress”: [
“type”: “SendEvent”,
“arguments”: [
{ordinal}", "{data.item}”

UPDATE: I got the following link from the Amazon Developer forum, which explains how sendEvent is handled in the DIsplay.

  1. The first “creation the Touchwrapper and passing the sendEvent” This I am able to do using Voiceflow and APL Authoring tool

  2. How to do the second part - Intercepting the SendEvent from your skill code (APL.UserEvent).

currently, voiceflow doesn’t support touch event on display.

when touch event is defined in APL, and a skill should have a special intent-like thing tio receive its event. but voiceflow can create intents to receive “voice” event, not “touch”.

Hi Kun,

I am making a comprehensive Quiz Platform and really need to have the touch features

Is there any Beta version available or future releases planned, which can support touch event.

Alternately, if I can edit the lambda modules. Is there any future revisions planned which can allow to edit “index.js, package.json” etc.

I’ve never heard beta for those. backend endpoint is managed by Voiceflow and we cannot edit it currently.