Session always +1 when sharing prototype

Hi everyone!

I’m using Voiceflow for a University project and I will have to test my prototype with several people. The flow is based on whether the user is in their first or second (or more) session, however, whenever I send the prototype link to someone it always automatically goes to the second (or more) session, instead of the zero state.

How do I fixt this? Many thanks.

Is this when you’re sharing your prototype with a link?

Yes it is!

So when I want to test my flow I copy the link and paste it in ‘incognito mode’ in Chrome and want to start the flow in zero state, but it automatically goes to 2nd+ state.

Can you reach out to us on Intercom? Would love to take a deeper look.

I have done that already in October or November last year and didn’t get any respons to it.

I will do it again today, thanks! Hopefully it will be resolved

Hi Isabella, just wanted to circle back letting you know that our team is working on a far easier and exciting way to tackle variable states while testing! This will let your testers use the version/state of your project that you want them to test such as different sessions or paths.

Stay tuned! Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: