Set block not reatining the variable value in Google actions across intent

In one of my skills named “Infotest”, I am capturing a variable called Name.
This variable when used inside a speak block from the other intents, it seems like the value is being reset to 0. This happens only in the Google test console and it works just fine in voice flow test console and Alexa test console.

do you have any idea why is this happening?

Also, in the docs, I see creating the variables with Global and local options but it seems I don’t have that feature and all I have is project-wide variable. Am I missing something here or docs are not updated with respect to variables.

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hello @praveena_kd I don’t think this is a bug :beetle:, that’s why I don’t think it should be categorized as a bug :beetle: … with respect to the variables I think it’s a feature of the paid version because the free accounts don’t have that function … the variables that you create in a project become project variables that you can reuse … greetings :wave:

My post has two parts in it.
First part is about something that is working in test console and Alexa test console but not working in in Google test console.

Second part being one about the scope of variables that is mentioned in the document

I guess the second part is addressed now, as you mentioned about the price plans.



for the 1st one, it works in my end. My flow is like this:

start -> if (check {Name} is 0 or not)
-> name is 0 -> speak and capture user’s name and map into {Name}
-> name is not 0 -> speak and say “hello, {Name}”

for the 2nd, it’s not paid only feature. just click on “Create Variable (Project)” on Variable menu, then you can see it changed to “Create Variable (Flow)”.

I’m not sure that I fully understand your issue, but can I ask - are you using an Interaction ot Intent block to capture the name, and if so, are you using one of the built in slot types or a Custom one ?

I had this problem with my apple earpod. When I connected with a mic, it seems to work better. Check your windows security, Chrome settings, and if red circle shows above, it should be the settings on which mic/sound is set up.