Set Listen Time

Hey VoiceFlow,

Is there a way to set the listen time that the assistant waits for the user’s response?

Alternatively, do you have the listen time already pre-set at a specific value?

I’m trying to make a quiz and would love to be able to time the responses within music tracks.

Thanks, and keep up the great work! VF rocks.

I’d create a .wav or .mp3 file of a set amount seconds of silence and put it in an Audio block.

Design-wise: you could ask the user if he needs a moment to think since he may or may not need to think about it (see screenshot for a flow idea).

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Thanks for your suggestion Terry!

I was more thinking of the background processing - the time it takes for the NLU to process a user response.

I can imagine that “it just takes as long as it takes” though because every utterance is different.

Anyway, I learned some tricks from your screenshot so thank you!


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Ben - Glad to hear it :slight_smile: