Site to download custom entities

Is there a site of something were I can download custom entities for US Address??? Then I’ll be able to do a bulk import, versus me manually trying to type all 50 states, and hundreds of cities, and thousands of street address.

you won’t be making that a custom entity. way too large a set. sounds like you are trying to validate an address. you are going to probably want to call a validate API for a service that does that. Plus there is the issue of maintaining it as streets are created or removed in cities.

Thanks Alan, I’d figured that! But are you suggesting, that I plug in a public API (that validates street addresses), and then Alexa will “read” the results directly from the API.

If this is possible, I would love to see this in-action. Would you know any open source voice flow projects that contain such a setup? This definitely can be extremely helpful.

Alexa won’t, your skill you billed in VF will call the API and then need to process the return. All within your VF skill.

I do not know any projects doing that

to capture an address, Alexa has some built-in slot types about address. IMO, if built-in slot types are available and fits your use case, you should consider those first, then not satisfy? use custom slot types.

also, capturing a long sentence like an address is basically tough for UX. using Customer Profile API, you can get users’ address from Amazon’s API and users don’t need to say their addresses.

Instead, to use this api, this needs to get permissions from users. In Voiceflow, using user info and permission steps, you can get user’s address and also permissions.

In both cases, validation for address is another challenge although.

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