Skill invocation problem

I can’t understand why now he doesn’t accept any more invocations

I’m having the exact same problem. Its been working fine, but yesterday and today the skill invocation won’t accept what I’ve always used. Help!!!

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I solved it by going to the alexa developer console and I published the skill to them

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Hey Enrico, glad to hear this was resolved!

@Bl4tt , we’ve removed Alexa Skill publishing from directly inside Voiceflow and now you can push directly to the Alexa Skills Console and do all the publishing work there!

We did this because it’s costly to maintain the Alexa Skills publishing workflow as it updates, so it made sense to have Voiceflow focus on the creation, and then push the publishing to the Alexa Skills console so that there is no duplication of work.

Cheers for the reply!

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