Skill not updating on/in ADC

i have made changes to a skill that included removing a large portion of speak text. then i hit upload to alexa, it confirms it made it, and then i go to test it and it still speaks the text i removed.

i have cleared cache, rebooted and uploaded to alexa at least 10x as this is a time sensitive launch and deadline i am working under and no matter what i do in the ADC testing it says the text i removed YET in the prototype area in VF the text i removed is gone!

please help as this is just nuts.

I’m not sure but if you have live version, means you’ve already published once, you have 2 versions: live and development. voiceflow uploads to dev version. in that case, you can toggle dev or live in test simulator.

i am testing dev. version and it is not updating to what is in voiceflow.

it is driving me nuts. it is not updating no matter what i do. i hit the update on alexa button or whatever it goes for a few seconds and then says it is updated BUT in Dev Test Mode in the ADC for the Dev version of the skill it is speaking text that has been removed in VF. Testing it in prototype in VF it is correct, trying to update it to the dev. ver of the skill in ADC it keep saying the deleted text.