Skills can't open in amazon alexa mobile app

I link voiceflow account to amazon alexa account and then i upload skills to amazon alexa skills account. If i try to test the skill on voiceflow, skill are run completely fine and also test on Alexa Simulator and skill are run Alexa Simulator fine, but when i try to test on amazon alexa mobile app then skill are not open and said “sorry i can’t understand the command please say again”.

2 checks.

  • your alexa app’s account is same as your amazon developer account?(maybe yes, I think)
  • when you test on ADC, did you invoke your skill by voice?

This is so important to test by voice. Instead of voice, you can invoke your skill by typing in ADC, but the most important thing is how alexa recognize what you say. Test by typing will skip this point although it can test if skill works logically.

also, invocation name has some rules. here is the official document.

yes my alexa app’s account is same as my amazon developer account.
ADC means alexa developer console? if yes then i test on ADC they not recognize my voice so they does not get any respose but i can invoke my skill by trying in ADC.
when i try on amazon alexa app then my skill are not invoked. And i also changed invocation name and then i try to check but still skills are not invoked. so how can reslove this problem?

you can check how alexa recognized your voice via voice history on alexa app.

if i create new skill in alexa developer console and then i test on alexa app, they worked properly and recognize the invocation but if i create new skills in voiceflow and then after i test on alexa app so they does not recognized the invocation and not resposed. So i think only voiceflow skills are not test or run on alexa app.

In my end, it works on both ADC, echo devices and alexa app, for both live and development.

you should ask via intercom.