Smarthome Device Control Capability?

Is it possible for my voiceflow to trigger a state change (i.e. on/off, color change, brightness change) in a smarthome device that is otherwise controllable from my alexa app or echo?

I am trying to build something more complex than what can be done in an alexa routine, but in the end still need to send change requests to a physical device (or devices).

check if you device has some API to control devices. If so, you can use custom API block to use it.

The challenge with that is with a variety of devices, I would have to build custom API interfaces for each type of device (which I may end up doing). I was hoping since Alexa already knows about the devices and knows how to communicate to them that I could leverage the work that Amazon and/or the device manufacturer already did.

maybe this will interests you.

IMO, Actually, Alexa itself dosn’t know how to comminucate with devices or it might not be opened for other developers to use even if she knows. custom skill connections is like allowing developers to use those features by manufacturers if they allow.

still needs

  • manufacturers must allow it and open their features as skill connections’ way.
  • Also, voiceflow must supports skill connections which is not available currently.

I have decided to use the api call where I put the values that matter into the headers and then put all of the logic for controlling the device into Node-Red which already houses a lot of Smarthome logic and control. Node-Red can receive it through the http in node.