"something went wrong with this skill, please check again later"

Just before I start, I want to get across that I’m a regular voiceflow user. I love the service. I’ve been maintaining this skill for almost two years, and it seems like over the past three months I’ve run into more and more problems than all my time beforehand.

I have a skill that (at the time of uploading) is live right now. My skill passed the amazon approval process. It was functioning just fine in development, but now as soon as I go to run the live skill, all I get is: “something went wrong with this skill, please check again later” endlessly.

I have been having nothing but trouble uploading from voiceflow to the ADC so I’m wondering if anyone has any insight as to why my skill is uploading in a broken state.

Hey @cbas sorry to hear you’ve been having issues! This is likely best a topic for our CS team on intercom as we’ll need to dig in more :slight_smile: could you message our team there?