Speechcon Cross-Reference Chart (updated September 12, 2019)

The English Regional Cross Reference chart has been updated. Recently Amazon added 100+ additional Speechcons (mostly EN/US). The chart is on a web page, but there is a downloadable pdf as well.

The cross reference is handy for two reasons. First, it is useful when designing skills being deployed to multiple regions (EN/US, EN/UK, EN/AU, EN/CA and EN/IN). The chart can help you to quickly see which Speechcons are available among the various regions, and which are not.

Second, the full SSML “Say As” tag with each individual interjection is included. This makes it easy to copy/paste the SSML tag, without having to “build” each one.

If you see any errors, or notice even more new Speechcons when Amazon makes them available, please let me know. Thanks.


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