Stream Block File upload

The documentation for the stream block, says you can upload a file. but it looks like this has changed, as there is only the option to add a URL for the file.
Can any body suggest where I can store the file so I can link to it.
I have tried google drive but it doesn’t work, at least not in the Voiceflow test.

You can’t use Google Drive sharing URL as it is for Alexa. You may wanna try this:

However this seems like some people has succeeded, some has not. Actually I’ve tried a few times with Google Drive and never succeeded.

I recommend Dropbox. Also, Dropbox sharing URL does not work as it is. See here.

I have never tried but this sounds nice if works.

Thanks I’ll give them a try.

This one worked a treat. Thanks for your help.
Not sure if this raises any security issues entering the share URL with the site, but the file I’m using it’s not a problem.