Streaming Audio Error in ADC

I built this Audio block in Voiceflow. Essentially when you say next, it says “there aren’t any meditation tracks” and restarts or ends. Alexa certification is telling me this isn’t ok. Any advice?

  • next and previous intent is working as you expect?
  • this result is by valiidation test or by amazon certification team?

Yes, next and previous are working. This result is by when I test it on my Echo Device and by the Amazon Certification Team.

Also, if I say “Alexa, tell Sleep Meditation to Start Over” it will play the audio from the beginning, but if I am in the middle of streaming the Audio block, it won’t know what to do.

In the middle of streaming the Audio block, you don’t need to invoke by saying “tell sleep Mediation to…”. Just say “Alexa, start over”.

BTW, as I said in other topic, if you are sure your skill works and don’t know why rejected, you can ask Amazon more detail about certification results and how you should fix (but it’s not how to fix in Voiceflow, it’s will be like how your skill should work). You should have received an email from Amazon certification team and there’s a link to contact form.

I’m not invoking in the middle of the Audio block. when the skill isn’t ope and I say “tell sleep meditation to start over” it will work. when the skill is playing and I Say “start over” it doesn’t work.