Submitting Project Error

I’ve been developing a prototype for an Alexa using Voiceflow for about a month now and I’ve been exporting it to the Alexa Developer Console to test out the screen functionality. In the morning, I was able to upload to Alexa just fine but now everytime I try to upload it gives me a Submitting Project Error:

Every time I submit the prompt ID changes and comparing this ID to the versions that are already in the Alexa, I can see that it’s pointing to the Slot Prompts of any required slots.

I can’t imagine what the problem is because I haven’t touched any slot prompts recently and I have just been refining logic blocks. Any help is appreciated.

Update: I also can’t seem to be able to use the uploaded skill in the Alexa Developer Console either and get a message saying ‘something went wrong with this skill, please check again later’.