Support for german - especially with API-calls don't work

Are here any members, who succeded in writing a working Skill in GERMAN?!

Internationalization seems to be unusable in Voiceflow!

With data-type „number“ I receive Text „eins“ instead of „1“ anyway. Same with date! Voiceflow stores the words (e.g. “Dritter Oktober Zweitausendzwanzig”) I say in variable, NOT the (or any other) date!!!

When I type (in test-mode) the desired data e.g. „2020-10-03“ it works - but when I test on Amazon the numbers are translated („zwei“->2), but the (automatic built) routine for date sends ITS NAME over the API („capture intent xxyyz“) - but NO value!

At least for German Skills Voiceflow seems like a waste of time to me!

BTW: My Server sends a JSON-Reply back including Text with German Characters (öäüß) - UTF8 encoded of course.

Voiceflow-test then decides to ignore the whole string and speaks NOTHING!

Really? Voiceflow is killing me!

Give me any reason not to develop directly in Amazon…

Greetings from Germany


I don’t know much about German, but I tried simple one. looks Alexa gets German Number as numeric value correctly. I’m not sure this is what you expect or not…

As I wrote: Alexa converts spoken words into numbers. Voiceflow does not.
It’s annoying to have to switch to Alexa-Test for such a basic tast - kills the user-experience for voiceflow-test-mode…
But DATE doesn’t work at all! This is the central function for the skill I try to build!
I need to input a date in german (e.g. “Dritter Oktober 2020”) to appear as “2020-10-03” (or any defined format - I can convert on my API-Server), but all I get is “capture intent xxyyz”…

Any ideas?!

Greetings from a frustrated user…


Hi, i tested some from just my curiosity :slightly_smiling_face:

s 209

This time, I used Choice Block instead of Capture block. I’m not sure if this fix your problem, but for me, looks working.

Hi Kun432!

Thanks for all the time you invested to solve my problem.

The same script that failed yesterday and sent “capture intent rzqcm” (rzqcm is the name of the synthesized routine) to the API instead of the date it captured, sends a valid date today…

Maybe voiceflow fixed the API-bug overnight…

Hope they can deal with return stings containing german characters (öüäß)…

Thanks so far!

Best regards