Switching to root(home) flow

I am working on a project where I need to switch the flow back to the root flow(Home) from the Subflow(Mercury). But there isn’t any way to do that.!
Screenshot from 2020-06-05 13-26-49|690x326

In this image, there is a speak block where Alexa asks the user to select from options and in that there’s an intent(home) that points out to home flow to switch back to Home flow and follow the conversation after that. I am searching for help
Thanks in advance.

To get back to a higher level flow from a lower level flow, you don’t need to do anything. It will return automatically at the point where nothing else happens. For example, you have a speak block in a sub flow. once that speak block has executed control will return to the higher level flow. Give that simple example a try and you will see.

Thanks for the answer Rob, I tried implementing it and it worked.

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Well it worked in voice flow’s console itself but didn’t worked in Alexa console and device.