Test on Alexa device (UK)

Hello, today we’re testing a skill by uploading it to our Alexa account. However the skill isn’t showing up on the amazon developer console. Tried a couple of things so far:

Followed the instructions on this blog post (https://medium.com/getstoryflow-com/build-your-first-alexa-skill-in-5-minutes-54d65a3c9f01) and changed the language to English (United States) for the device I’m testing on.

Changed the name of the app to a simple word that wouldn’t be misinterpreted by Alexa (door app)

There’s only a success message in the project after pressing the upload button, so no error messages

I wondered if there was a delay, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Unsure of what to try next? There are multiple devices on the Alexa account I’m uploading to - do they all have to have the language set to English (United States)?

Or is it that Voiceflow doesn’t work with UK devices / accounts and is primarily US only?

I am in the UK and having the same problem. I’ve tried to upload my first project to my alexa but it is not uploading. I can see and test my skill in the Alexa Developer Console but not on my alexa itself. I have an Echo Show 5