Test on Voiceflow works, but not on Alexa Simulator


I created a simple voice app with questions and answers.
In voiceflow it works. Also the upload to amazon worked.

However, if I use the Alexa simulator there it does not give my voicefeedback from voiceflow. And not show json-output. Where do I find the jsonfile to edit and what is missing compared to the message of voiceflowsystem?

Thanks for help

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Hi Mario,

Is this still an open issue? If so I recommend reporting it via Intercom, and include the name of your project which is experiencing the issue. This will make it easier for the Voiceflow team to review your issue more directly and then diagnose/fix any bugs.

Hi Thank you for answer. The Projectname is “HappyGreens”. I wrote via the messenger already… I see big possibiities with your system, but need to know how I really publish it to alexa and where to edit the answers or the files I need. I need help to have set up the infrastructure in my amazon dev account so that I can edit the contents…

Main questions:

How may I import ehe voiceflow structure to Amazon?
How may I edit the answers for the intents?

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To import the voice structure to amazon click on the big blue “Upload to Alexa” button in the top right of the voiceflow screen.

All your intents are created in voiceflow - you cannot edit anything in alexa

Thanx. In voiceflow its ok to edit the intents. However, what is with the second step - the answers? In a classic skill I have lamda-service. Can I edit these files anywhere or download the direct code? Or is everything administrated in Voiceflow, intents and answers?

can tou give us any screen shots of your flow here?

… its just an easy structure.
Isn´t it possible to get directly the script, that is generated?

you cannot see or download any codes, because it’s inside of voiceflow.


I have a question. your ‘voicefeedback’ means what you say in choices or what alexa responds to your choice?

…the choises are the questions,
and then the speak - blocks are the answers

can I see what happens in test on ADC? screen shot would be nice.