The notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci

Content is the fuel of permission-based marketing, and an excellent instigator of engagement. It’s the marketing that your audience wants to receive. There’s just one little problem. Sure, content is king — but without an audience, the king can get awfully lonely. Sorry, but even terrific content doesn’t get out there and find an audience all by itself. You need a practical plan for how you’re going to find and grow that audience. Let me explain … A cautionary content marketing tale: You may remember Leonardo da Vinci as the master who painted the Mona Lisa and sketched the Vitruvian Man.

Did you know that he was also one of the philippines photo editor most imaginative inventors who ever lived? Many of da Vinvci’s most interesting and prescient imaginings were scribbled down in his notebook, and never saw the light of day. We’re talking about sketches of submarines and helicopters in the 15th century. Clearly, the man was a genius, and his sketches, in the right (influential) hands could have changed the world as we know it. These notebooks were filled with excellent “content” (once they were deciphered …) but because most of his ideas never got in front of the right eyes — nothing came of it.

No matter how good you are, if you don’t get your work in front of the right people, it isn’t going to matter at all — not for the world, and not for your business. Find the Sneezers! Before your content can do anything for you, you’ve got to attract an audience. So when you’re starting out, if you put your content out there and some members of your target audience happen to see it and enjoy it — fine and good. But the people you really want to seek out in the beginning are the ones who can spread the word. In his book Unleashing the Ideavirus, Seth Godin calls these people “Sneezers.