There was an error when starting the job (G console upload)

“There was an error when starting the job. Please contact us on intercom.”

I am aware there could be multiple causes for this, but someone should create a troubleshooter doc to resolve this. I have been waiting in the intercom queue for over 7 hours as of this post time, and, after paying for a PRO account, I am not impressed, because by question has not even been seen yet.

Does anyone here have a suggestion of steps I might take to resolve this?
I don’t think I’ll pay for another month without help.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve, responded to a few hours back on Intercom! We were off for the Canadian and US holidays so apologies for the delayed response.

Hope you can share your project file with us on there, so we can explore what’s going wrong :slight_smile: