This block is now deprecated

Hi! Today, all of the sudden, all my choice blocks were “erased” and presented this message:

This block is now deprecated and is no longer available. This project will still work, but we recommend you to update this block as soon as possible.

What happened! HELP!!

Is your project created before Feb this year? Then, you were using old Choice Block. old Choice Block has been integrated with old Interaction Block and now it is new Choice Block.

In my end, there are still old choice block existing and cannot see those messages, though.

Hi, I have the same problem on my first skill I published on 7 may (8 days ago). Many blocks now are deprecated, disconnected from others. Is it normal it happens? Will it continue to work correctly?


Those messages are displayed on it? can you show us some screen shots?

Not only Choice blocks?

No, I have “choice” and “capture” blocks with this message

Can you check this if this still happens?

Wow, all blocks are ok now! Thank you :grinning: