Transform into Variables in Integration block

Hi. Is there someone that can help me with an Integration block?. I set a post json and Im able to connect to a Sharepoint list (via Microsoft Flow) I receive the data back and I try to use “Transform into Variables”.
The test works fine from the Integration Block and I can see on the result that it is able to Store the data to the variables. The trouble is that if I try to “Speak” those variables they goes out as “0”. (Zero). Any idea?

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Hi Davide,

In my experience, when I get a 0 for a variable output that wasn’t expected as such, it came down to a couple things. Either there is a mistake in the Transform to variables, but as you say though you see the correct result in the variable. Though if it has more than one child ex jsondata.[0].myTitle, jsondata.[1].myTitle, etc. So at one point I was calling a missing child when setting the variable and got the NULL (0) value. The other thing I ran into was the scope of the variable I was calling was to a flow, but I was trying to call the variable outside that flow. Also, check the case and spelling of the variable. I normally do camelCase, but there are time I did not when entering into the voiceflow variable area, so the var was camelcase, but in the speak block I was calling camelCase . Hopefully that helps. If not and you figure it out, I would be interested in finding out what it was so i can add to my variable mishaps list lol

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Hi Razervocals. Thanks for your answer. I will check

Didnt matter. I recreate the project from scratch and everything work now… Thanks

For example, in the picture shown, if we want to read this structure with different levels, we must use different pointing methods:

Mant thans Beppe. As I wrote above It was a strange problem. The pointing was good. I had just recreate the Voice Flow project from the scratch and everything works fine.

In any case thanks for your aid.

Ciao e grazie.