Trouble Seeing Google Sheets after Connecting to Account


I’m totally new at this, so please bear with me…
I’m trying to integrate a google sheet and am having trouble. Even though I’ve followed the steps to give voiceflow access to my Google account the drop down to see my available sheets is empty.

I’ve verified in my Google Account that the Voiceflow Creator Tool has access and that the sheet I’m
trying to use is open to the public. I even removed the tool’s access from my account and reconnected it, no joy. I also checked with my system admin and they are not blocking public access to our Google Sheets.

Am I missing something obvious?

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This sounds like G Suite. I have not tried but some people got problems with G suite before, so try with Google account.

Hi, what does this answer actually mean?
I have the same issue: connect the Google account, but I cannot see any file in Drive

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if you use G Suite, which is for business-use spreadshhet, docs, etc, I don’t know why but there were some posts said it doesn’t work in Voiceflow. you should use personal version og google sheets.

I also had this problem for many hours yesterday. I gave up for the day, logged back in today and all is well. I am thinking that there is a significant lag at times for the connection to occur. So, lesson learned is to be sure that Voiceflow has third party access to your Google account and if you still have trouble either wait a bit or use your time machine to go forward a day into the future.