Troubles with variables loosing their value after flows

I have troubles keeping variable values through flows.

I have several variables that i have declared as global. In the main flow i modify some of these variables and then go on to a second flow were i present these variables. This works without any troubles.

However. If i go in to another flow to ask a question and set the data (inside code) inside that flow the data is reset upon coming back to the main flow.

It does not matter if i declare the variables in code before or not. The same thing happens regardless.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Hi. When you say “I have several variables that i have declared as global,” are you declaring these as “project” variables in Voiceflow? As you probably know, project variables are the equivalent for global in a skill, and they also persist for users from one session to the next. “Flow” variables, on the other hand, are flow scope. Just wanted to check on terminology and how you declared them before proceeding or attempting to reproduce your issue.