Unsupported Directive - Audio Player

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What can I do to fix this? As soon as I test in Alexa Developer console and skill hits audio block it stops. I get the attached error (attached screenshot). Audio works in Voiceflow test so IDK. Please helpI’m stuck. “AudioPlayer is currently an unsupported namespace”

Thanks Everyone

Alexa develiper console does not support testing for audioplayer whicemean you use streaming block because iaudioplayer depends on Echo device’s built-in feature. you should test on echo devices.

Thank you very much for the info. So does this mean if I test it on my Alexa device ,and it works, Amazon will publish it without it having to successfully test on Alexa Developer Console?

yes I think so, but Amazon has some rules for publishing other than that it works. those are usually related to the point of user interfaces. I have never published audioplayer skill but as I heard,

  • you need to implement “next” and “previous” in somehow.
  • if your skill does not support “next” or “previous”, need to tell users like “it’s not supported” and go back to the beginning of audio.

It is very usual that Amazon rejects for some reasons. However, they will point out why it is rejected and how it should be. Don’t be afraid of being rejected, keep trying.

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