Update: Capture Step - Introducing the NEW Capture Step!

Hello designers, builders and conversational enthusiasts! Hope your 2022 & projects are off to an amazing start :slight_smile:

If you’ve been connecting with me on Voiceflow Support, you know that I had a hard time keeping this one under wraps!

We’ve got some exciting news: the new Capture Step is finally here!

We heard you! This new Capture step isn’t just a better UX for your users, but you can now capture multiple entities at once, have built-in fulfillment reprompts and so much more!

Conversations are meant to be open ended and unique. However, not every user speaks in the same way or knows exactly how you’ve set up your intents & entities, with the Capture Step – they won’t have to.

Oh, did I mention that you can now capture a full-user response? Yes, you can capture an entire user response or specific/multiple entities. And that’s just the surface!

How does it work?
The Capture Step sits under the User Input section on your steps menu and serves as a great way to end a turn (i.e. follow a prompt).

After adding a capture step, you’ll be able to select either:

  • Capture entire user reply
  • Search for specific entities (i.e. “name”, “email”, etc.)

Here are some more handy resources to get up and running with this anticipated new-and-improved feature:

You can log onto Voiceflow, and try it for yourself! As always, ping me if you need any help and looking forward to seeing what everyone creates with this powerful new feature!

Happy creating.

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Here’s a bonus video from Voiceflow’s CEO, introducing the new Capture Step!