Upload to Alexa and use only to my self?

Hello, I created a skill here on VoiceFlow. But I wanted the skill to be used only by me and only for me. Not for other users of the alexa store.
The skill I created aims to say random phrases and I want to schedule it in the routines. But the skill does not appear.

Does the skill need to be published? Can’t it be private?

As I know, if you wanna use your skill “In the routines”, you need to publish it currently, I think.

you can request and vote here!

You can access it once you have uploaded it to the ADC that has the same account as your devices. So you can just leave it unpublished and it does not then need to be certified.

if using by invoking, that’s right. as a routine too?

Good point - I don’t know !

An alternative is to publish it but have a secret code that has to be entered before te user gets to the real functionality

secret code is nice one!

wish we could use development as routines…