Upload to Alexa, making changes

Let’s say you publish a skill and it is approved and LIVE. Then, if you need to make changes in Voiceflow, then upload to Alexa again, I’m guessing it will go from “Live” to “In Review”

So what happens if users already have the 1st version enabled, will they still be able to access the skill and use it?

after publishd you skill to alexa store, your skill will have 2 versions: live and dev.

After that, when you upload to ADC, it will change dev, not live. That means your development does not effect your live skill.

When you publish again and becime certified, your dev skill will be a new live version and again, you will have 2 version.

Thank you I understand how it works now. while you can’t submit while “In Review”, once it is live then I’ll be able to submit a new version