Upload to Google with new Google UX

Hey there, looks like Google has made some changes in their Google Action Console. Now the step-by-step guide from Voiceflow for uploading an App to Google ain’t really step-by-step anymore (and to be honest I’m lost now). Which steps do I have to make to upload with the new Google design?
thnx for your help

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It has slightely changed. I have not gone through all yet, but will show you the beginning.

  1. Go to Actions on Google page and click on “Go to Actions Console”

  1. Click on “New project”.

  1. Fill in your project name and choose language and country, then click on “Create Project”.


  1. Choose “Custom” for project type and click on “Next”.

  1. In this screen, if you click on 6 menus, it will go to Google’s new “Actions Builder” and I guess Voiceflow has not supported it yet. To create a project in the same way as before, scroll down and you will see a link for creating DialogFlow. Click on it.

  1. I think you will be able to continue from here in the official documents.

BTW, If you don’t know which project environment, new Actions Builder or previous DialogFlow, you chose after created your project, I think you can check in this way.

Click on “Add Action(s)” in Overview tab.

If you see this side menu, this project is for DialogFlow, which Voiceflow supports currently.

s 16

This is new Actions Builder menu, which Voiceflow has not supported yet (although I have not tried yet and this is just my guess). you will see the difference from above.

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Hi, I followed the instructions and was able to link my Google Action with Voiceflow. However, when I clicked on Upload to Google, it did not create an action in the Actions Console, though the Dialogflow intents got created successfully. Now I’m really stuck wondering if I’ll have to create everything outside of Voiceflow. :’(

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I have the same problem too!

Hi Sarin! Sorry you’re having this issue. We have updated our Google Actions integration since so now it is easier to upload to the Google Actions Console.

current instruction is here:

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Thanks for sharing, Kun!

Hi the doc is not available any more