Uploading my self recorded Affirmations to Voiceflow

Hey Voiceflow Community and Team,

short question. I wanted to upload my self recorded affirmation (.mp3 File on my Mac) to a stream block. I tried a youtube link and other types of audio links. It is not able to play them in the test run. And I can’t find a button where I can directly upload the mp3 audio from my mac.

Please help I just want to play my own Affirmations that I recorded on my Alexa. :sweat_smile:

Thank you in advance.

Sincerely Felix

is this what are you looking for?
Use Speak Block, select audio, and upload your audio.

In the past, you could upload for stream block, but that feature is gone.

If your mp3 file is shorter than 4min, you can use speak block and upload it via speak block as Andy said. Otherwise, you need to host your mp3 files somewhere publically accessibe via Internet and set URL to stream block.

there are some requirements for hosting audio files for alexa. I recommend Dropbox. There are some posts about it in this forum. you should search. (Dropbox’s public link does not work and you need to change URL a little)