Uploading to Google Assistant ends with Google Error Response 503

Hi there, I wanted to upload my project to Google Assistant and followed the tutorial (https://youtu.be/OG4FcDu5FRY) up to the point where I drop the .json file and click the upload button. Then I get a Google Error Response saying “Error: Request failed with status code 503”. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix that? (I might add that I started with English language in the German region)voiceflow_googleupload_fail_503

Thanks a lot!
/Ben from Germany

PS: I hardly even started with voiceflow and already run into tech issues :frowning:

I tried it all over again for the 5th time or so. Here you can find a recording: https://youtu.be/bxBk3csHo1Q

What did I do wrong? Is it a Dialogflow problem? Is it not a Google problem but on the Voiceflow side?

I don’t know if it’s a problem of settings (regarding language/region etc.) or whether I should delete my Dialogflow account and register a new one with the same email.