Use Data from Google Sheets to Add Custom Slot Choices?

I’m creating a voice inventory app that captures user intent in a sentence and saves the various slots into a Google sheet. This includes item info like Quantity, Brand Name, Model, Color, Material & Item Type.

I have 12 Regal Cambridge Brushed Silver Metal Stainless Steel Rollerball Pens

I’m dealing with a large range of Brands & Models, so it’s very tedious adding them in as Custom Slots by hand. I would love to use the Google Sheet integration to read the Brand and Model lists and map them to Custom Slot options.

I can’t seem to find how I would do that, so is it even possible? Can it be?

Thank you for any insight!

Hi there, thanks for reaching out - this seems like an awesome use case for a voice skill!

I’ve provided documentation on our Google Sheets integration (you can also use a custom integration with Airtable, which will achieve the same functionality).

As a heads up, you’ll need to create variables in Voiceflow that match your columns. In other words, you would have to create variables such as {quantity}, {brand_name}, {model}, etc. and map those with the columns from your sheet - the tutorials above go into detail on how to do this. Feel free to ping us on Intercom (blue bubble at the bottom right of the Voiceflow screen) if you have further questions.

Best of luck and happy building!

Hi Annie,

Thanks for the GS integration doc! I’ll read through it and update my app :slight_smile: I’ll ping you if I have any issues!


Hi. I am using Google Sheets to include differents variables during the conversational flow. But I am not able to use the sheets to create a slot : / Could you help me? Thanks a lot.

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You can like “import” slot values from google sheets, you need to input each value into slots.

IMO, you don’t need to input whole values there, some of values would be fine but it depends on your sample utterances in your intent.

Could you explain what do you want to do, more in detail?

That’s my question. How I could import the slot values from a Google Sheets columm instead of input one by one. I don’t find the way to do that. I don’t find a buttom “import” anywhere or other similar way to do.

The only way to add a custom slot is the picture a sent yesterday where {variables} are not working.

Could you explain me how to do? Thanks a lot.

The functionality that is needed is “Dynamic Entities” (Amazon Terminology). Voiceflow does not have this available. I think if you want to use this kind of feature you would need to use ASK and code it. Here is some more information:

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currently, there is no way to import slots from other data sources and you can’t use variables in slots. that’s current limitations in voiceflow.

but as I said, you don’t need to input whole values into slots because Alexa tries to guess and map it as a slot. That means values, which you don’’t define as samples in slots, it might be mapped as slot values. (Of course, if you define it, Alexa will get it easier.)

I am waiting for voiceflow supporting dynamic entities, too! but IMO, dynamic entities doesn’t mean you don’t need to define static slot samples any more, and it’s use-case is like adding and also ‘deleting’ slot value depending on personalization without certification. so it’s a little different from bulk import.

we want too much?:laughing:

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@kun432 your post was really helpful! I’m waiting on the dynamic slots too – have you found anything since this post on it? It is a very, very nice to have for a project I’m doing but we have a work around with saying “say 1 for xxxxx” “say 2 for xxxxx” because we can map the saying numbers of 1, 2 - 5. Not preferred but it will do for now.

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