Using a RSS feed to make a Podcast Skill

OK, working fine for me on an Echo with US-en skill. I will give it a try tomorrow on a French version.

Thanks for the awesome tutorial.
Titles in my podcast feed start with an episode number and a colon, something like Episode 1:
Voiceflow seems to strip that part out. Is it possible to keep it? Thanks.

Sure, just replace this line in the Parse info code block:

titles[a] = tmp_title.substr(tmp_title.indexOf(":")+1, tmp_title.length);

With this line:

titles[a] = tmp_title;

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Thank you @Nicolas, I am a newbie and your help is much appreciated. Will you please elaborate a bit on the fail blocks? What type of blocks are they? What’s their contents? Thanks.

The fail block are just speak blocks with error messages describing the type of error in case of a fail from this block.

As far as I get it, this is a basic podcast skill with basic commands (next/previous and stop/resume) that upon invocation automatically plays the latest episode. What are in your experience other podcast skill commands that can improve the listener experience?

I’m having problems with the TEST on Alexa. This is the error

Error retrieving device rendering

The object provided is not a valid template

Hello, normally it’s not something that block the execution of your skill but you can ping us on Intercom to try to fix this.

I am testing this podcast skill with my feed. When I invoke the skill with its name, latest episode starts playing. It’s episode 104 (episodes are numbered from 001 to 104). When I say “Alexa, previous”, though, episode 095 starts playing. How come?

Hi, ping us on Intercom, we will have a look at your skill :+1:t2:

Hi Nicolas,


Hi Nicolas,

I am having some problems to certify the skill following your tutorial. I received this answer:

The skill does not exit/respond appropriately when users say “cancel".

Steps To Reproduce:
User: “Alexa, cancel”
Skill: “Alexa will say this message when the user says, stop!”

Can you help me with this issue?


Hi, can you contact us on Intercom so we can check your skill and find a solution for this?

Is there a video explaining this process?

No, only text for now @baksab

Bit confused.
In trying to generate a json in the block from the RSS feed, I noticed that the RSS Feed you entered into the online Converter to make a json does not match the RSS feed url you entered into the endpoint to generate the json. One works, one doesn’t .
What am I missing here?

Yes, you don’t need to encode the url anymore in the Integration block, that’s why the article has been updated with the new url.

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@Nicolas Thank you for this tutorial. I’m getting an error at the loop stage in voiceflow, but I can’t find what’s causing it. Can you help?

Hi Gabe, I will need some infos, can you ping me on Intercom?

HI Nicolas.
We have a podcast on Spreaker, and your code works well with this platform but there is an issue with commands during the stream.
The stop command doesn’t work properly. The voice response isn’t played at all (so it’s impossible to certificate the skill).
Custom commands don’t work at all (the stream continue after the command).

Moreover, is it possible to add a “Pause” command?

Our skill is in italian.

Thanks for this fantastic tutorial and for your help.