Using IF / Conditions in a list of options (like messages)

I have a skill that delivers messages to the user. How do I use a condition / logic / If box to track which messages the user has listened to, so that I don’t offer options that they have already heard?



This tutorial looks like it could be adapted for your purpose. Best of luck!..

Thanks, Don. I need something that delivers a set number of replies, eliminating ones that have already been read. That said – I think I’ve solved it by using If condition blocks with conditions that take into account all fo the variables, such as “if 1 has been read but not 2 or 3; if 2 has been read but not 1 or 3,” etc. It’s a pain in the neck (and it makes my head hurt, too!) but it’s kind of neat when I run it and I’m not repeating any of the options.

Thanks again!!!