Using Multimodal Display How to create touch screen button and "select option 1"

tried using one of the templates with ability to have touch screen + select option 1 or 2 etc… but not sure how to make it happen with the code? Or is there a widget that you attach to the display to make the code

I had some time after lunch and found the following link to help clarify the “how do you create the touch screen interaction” and “creating a link”
I am sure there are some additional sites which will be helpful to assist with the resolution :innocent:

That link was about old Display Templates and currently Alexa’s display feature is based on APL(Alexa Presentation Language).

Anyway, touch requires something like an intent for receive that event. I think, currently, Voiceflow doesn’t have any blocks to receive that event. so, it seems you cannot implement touch action, but instead, you can use voice to select option.

Will be happy if VF supports this! :smile:

Ok. Future features :grinning:
Yes… watched the youtube of Bigsky… and was like OMG … awesome touch + link options for the users to explore…

Ok, yes, I just found this link… which is what I was looking for to help with my self-education of the APL …
Just went on to youtube for research on this: