Using variables in Display Blocks - help needed :)

Hi, I’ve started to have a play with the Display block and have hit an issue with using variables. I have a brand new project with only a display block and have copied in the JSON from the “Image Right Detail Sample” in the Amazon authoring tool. I save this in my visuals dash board and then select it in my display block. If i replace the text of the main title with a variable and run “test display”, the variable is substituted with the text I enter. If I add a second variable to replace the text of say the textContent title and then run “test display”, only the textContent title is updated with my variable value and the first title is displayed as {var1} (my variable name) in the display.

I was kinda following along this tutorial where it seems to work fine haha (

Anyone seen this before and know what I’m doing wrong?


I reproduced that. maybe “test display” has a bug.

I also checked on ADC, it works.

Thanks @kun432! I’ve just uploaded my test flow to amazon and found that it works as expected in the ADC and on my Echo Show - it’s just not working in the “test display” like you say. Now that I know this it’s fine and I will continue.

Thanks for taking a look at this.