UX Tweaks to the Blocks

Hi VoiceFlow Team,

UX Tweaks

  • Would is possible to change 1, 2, 3, to the names of the Choices I’ve written in. So at a glance, I can see my whole user journey and understand it.

I’ve started using the flows not with the intention to get things working but within intent to explain my ideas to stakeholders. And then after that, I start plugging int all together to make a prototype.

Also Would be great if we could change the size of the comment box (feels a little broken as you can only move it from the bottom.

Ill post more as I come across these small details.


Agreed! Showing that sort of thing without going into the block would be very helpful.

A relatively minor UI matter…

The square, light grey target area to which you drag connections has a bit too little contrast with the background color of the block. On my MacBook display it is fine, but on my somewhat less well calibrated external display, it is so washed out as to be all but invisible so I have to feel around the edge until it highlights.

Not sure how many people suffer from this but as it stands, it would likely not meet accessibility standards.