Validating user utterance against two values in a google sheet

Hi, I’m creating a conversational workflow to update various task status for different projects. My google sheet has project names in one column, task IDs for that project in the next column and a status column. The same project name can have different task IDs associated to it.
Is there a way to validate the user input against the first two columns (project, task) and then allow the user to update a value to the third column?
The flow I’ve built updates the row corresponding to either the task ID or the project name, but doesn’t map the two. My flow checks if the project name is valid(using the retrieve function), then asks for task ID - and if the task ID is retrieved, moves on to update the status…

there are some ways to do it. this is one.

  • add fourth column which concatenate a project name and task id like “projectname_taskid”. Then, retrieve its row number with it and update.

Basically, Google sheets integration can only retrieve 1 record by 1 column condition. If you wanna use it more complex access like a database, Airtable and some codes might be suitable.

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Thanks. I realise Google sheets has limitations with this. Concatenating the two values into a 4th column would mean that the user states both project name and taskID together in one utterance, making it more difficult for the end user. Will check out airtable.

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no, I mean, set project_name and task_id into a single string with set block or code block, then retrieve a record with it. you can get project name and task id by asking each or asking one time like “task number {task_id} of {project_name}”.

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Ah, got it. Works now. Thank you!

Thanks for helping, Kun! Great to see the forum get more active :slight_smile: We’re going to have the Voiceflow team helping out more too.