Video streaming

I’ve been using Chatfuel. It’s very easy to link to a video that’s in cloud. After a day or so of using Voiceflow I now actually prefer using Voiceflow to Chatfuel.

However, there’s one strange anomaly: to be able to stream my own videos from Cloud, it looks like you have to seriously mess around with code and do a degree in coding. This seems nuts on an otherwise brilliant, easy to use platform.

Have I missed something , is there an easy way to enter the ULR of my videos into a block and play them on a web page using Alexa? Surely it can’t be that difficult. I have just spend four hours watching how-to videos and my head is about to explode with code, which i don’t even want to try to understand. So where is the paste in the video ULR block?

Okay, I’ve figured out that you need to upgrade to pro, and get Markup which I have done. I can make nice text all over the page and insert images. I can insert live links in the text which show a video, but,…for the life of me, I can’t work out how to connect these images and text into the flow. Is there a special/specific block/connection for using Markup?

Surely we don’t have to still mess about converting HTML to Json when you can make quick links on the canvass with Markup?

you may misunderstand about Canvas Markup. Canvas Markup is not related to the conversation flow or skill’s action. It’s for showing your flow on canvas to someone and make it more understandable and attractive. See below.

Currently there’s no such block to play video or display website directly. You need to use Display Block, which use Alexa’s visual presentaion langugage called APL. APL has a feature to play video from URL but I’m not sure about showing website URL. APL is not like copy-paste-url thing. so it might not be what you expect but this is the only way to play video, currently.

I’m not familiar with APL. So some demo projects in voiceflow marketplace might be help.There are some demos related to video or APL.