Video tutorial with multiple choice quiz (school test)

Hello, developers. I am a teacher and novice with Alexa skills, so I ask for your help. I would like to build a questionnaire with multiple choice questions, to use with students and prepare them for the entrance exam. I work in a public school in Brazil and here we don’t have information available on how to build this skill. Does anyone know any tutorials that teach how to do a multiple choice quiz skill? Thanks for listening.

Hi, I can probably help you with this. I have created a multiple choice trivia quiz game in Alexa. If you are interested, you can set your locale to any of the English ones and try it out. It is called “Sizi Quiz”. If you think your requirement is similar, we can discuss how I can help you.

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Could you give me your email? mine is

Hi @felipesw saw both your replies! Have you had a chance to watch these tutorials?

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