Voice Permissions For Reminders on Alexa

I’m trying to set up voice permissions for reminders in an Alexa skill, following this page from the Alexa documentation: https://developer.amazon.com/en-US/docs/alexa/smapi/voice-permissions-for-reminders.html. The first part works very easily; I copied the directive from the page exactly into a directive block and it works when I test it, so long as I don’t continue from the directive (shouldEndSession must be true).

After this I get stuck. The documentation says I should get a Connections.Response request, which I don’t know how to handle in Voiceflow. I tried to use an Event block, but either it doesn’t work or I’m doing it wrong (I put Connections.Response in the Event Request Name field). After successfully setting my permissions, Alexa says “Something went wrong with this skill, please check again later” and exits. It does properly set the reminders permission, and when I test on the developer console I see that it does send the Connections.Response request exactly as stated in the documentation, I just can’t get voiceflow to take that handoff back into the skill.

Is this currently possible in Voiceflow?

Voice permission uses Skill Connections. I’ve not tried Skill Connections via Voiceflow’s Directive/Event steps yet but, the previous Nico’s Fix It Hour session might be helpful.

In this session, he talked about how to implement Amazon Pay in Voiceflow. Amazon Pay needs skill Connections to access and it seems need some tricks to implement. (around 30:20)

Thank you!
This did work. What I needed to do (as shown in the video) was add a code block after the directive with

_response = {
  shouldEndSession: null

and then add a prompt block after that.

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