Voiceflow compared to blueprints

I am new to creating Alexa skills and have use blueprints. Are the 2 even comparable or is vf full of more features? Blueprints seemed
Limited and using the regular developer on amazon seemed like you needed to know coding. I am trying to find a good solution for some one to build a skill without a coding program. No matter how many ways I searched in google to compare voiceflow to blueprints not one thing turned up?

Both of them are so easy and good to start Alexa Skill development for the first time, but, IMO,

  • If someone has not know anything about Alexa or just started to use Amazon Echo in home, Blueprints is very good to start to know how to automate something by Voice.
  • If someone has already used Alexa in home and at least how to use it in daily, Blueprints might be too easy, so Voiceflow is great.