VoiceFlow doesn't recognize my input date as the same of LocaleDate

Hi everyone!
I’m using Voiceflow for a project in my own language (Italian); for this I needed to adapt the LocaleDate to my time zone (it-IT and Europe/Rome) following several tutorials found here in the forum.

My flow involves the vocal assistant asking the user “What day is today?”: by capturing the answer (which is automatically transcribed like this: “7 September 2022” for example, and it becomes the variable {date}), I would like to try to translate it into the classic date format with which my variable {myVar} expresses today’s local date (which is expressed as “7/9/2022”).
I need the assistant to recognize that “7 September 2022” is the same as “7/9/2022”, so that it can respond different answers via an IF.

I am not very familiar with Java; I have found code online to transform the string into the date format I am interested in, such as (my modifications to adapt it to my situation are in bold):

String dateInString = '**{date}**';
DateTimeFormatter formatter = DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern("d MMM yyyy", Local.**ITALIAN**);
LocalDate dateTime = LocalDate.parse(dateInString, formatter);

But this does not seem to work.
Is the reasoning behind it correct? How do I get the user input to be compared to the LocaleDate in numeric format?

I hope this is clear. Thank you very much!