VoiceFlow down for Alexa?

Is VoiceFlow down for Alexa skills at the moment?
My endpoint throws up:
{“status”:“failure”,“reason”:“Unexpected token o in JSON at position 1”}

Hi Vinnielo, I looked into the problem further.

You are not supposed to directly call the Voiceflow Alexa API - this will result in the Unexpected token o in JSON at position 1error.

POST https://alexa.voiceflow.com/state/skill/{VERSION_ID HERE}
^ Only Amazon can call that API because it includes a special verification from Alexa’s servers. ref

I see in our logs there is a continuous stream of requests for this particular skill. If you have written a script to call the API it will not work.

You likely will need the Dialog API instead: Overview

Either way, the skill is working once more now.
Not too sure what the problem was as I haven’t touched anything in the meantime.