Voiceflow Google Sheets Integration

Every time when I try to Create Data in Google Sheets in Voiceflow, an error occured saying that data row number should be string. However, I do not see any difference between my code and the example from the tutorial. Could anyone throw some light on my problem?

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I also facing the same issue from today onwards. every time when I try to retrieve data randomly from any sheet I got the same error that data row number should be string . Looking forward to get the answer soon

It’s been bothering me all day and I haven’t figured it out yet. And the weird thing is that when I try to retrieve a value in a column in google sheet based on the user’s input and the value does not exist in the google sheet, I then try to create this value in the google sheet but it fails every time.

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I think I’m having a similar issue with google sheet integration! I posted here Error message Googlesheet Integration

Anyone figured it out yet??

has been fixed and works now.

Thanks. I just tested it and It’s working now!

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Hey everyone - this was a bug that’s been fixed! Sorry about that :slight_smile: