Voiceflow is recognizing wrong non trained utterances


How can i avoid voiceflow to recognize non trained utterances? I am trying to test the “no match” but no matter what i write even if it has nothing in common with the trained utterances, somehow it matches with one of my intents.

I cannot put the link but, all my utterances are in the financial world: money, atm, cash, and so… but even if i write “puppys” or “chocolate” it jumps to an intent! and gives me a 75% accuracy! :S

Have you tried to troubleshoot this by going to your (skill’s) Alexa Developer Console > Interaction Model > Utterance Conflicts? (assuming this is for an Alexa skill, but other platforms may have something similar)

“Review utterance conflicts in the latest built skill model and click on intents to remove conflicting sample utterances that cause undesired behavior. Remember, utterance conflicts aren’t bad if you want Alexa to attempt to disambiguate utterances to intents on your behalf.”